Csipkeszeg Bed & Breakfast

Sic | Táncház and Museum in Sic/Szék nearby Cluj

Welcome at the Bed & Breakfast of Erzsike and Michel van Langeveld.

You will find our Bed and Breakfast in Sic (Szék), Transylvania, Romania. It is at the same yard as the famous Csipkeszegi dance house.

Sic is a Hungarian enclave nearby Cluj-Napoca (45 km). 96% is Hungarian. Due to there isolated location, the people of Sic (in Hungarian language: Szék) still lives like they did 50 years ago. Wagons and horses and folk costumes are still a normal daily view. Szék has a very rich dance culture and has only 3 streets or neighborhoods: Felszeg, Forrószeg and Csipkeszeg.

Rich is the history when we talk about Sic/Szék. The cradle of the Hungarian dance movement. A village where people still wear the traditional folk costumes and where they still live in a traditional way.

Szék has 3 long streets or areas. Felszeg, Forrószeg and Csipkeszeg. In former times every street had its own dance house. In 2004 the Dutch Michel van Langeveld bought the dance house of Csipkeszeg and to help the Hungarians to preserve their rich (dance) history in Szék, he founded the Csipkeszeg Foundation in 2008. He restaurated the dance house of Csipkeszeg and rebuild the dance house of Forrószeg inclusive a new barn. Inside the dance house of Forrószeg you can admire the dance house pictures of the well known photographer Korniss Péter.

Nowadays the Foundation organizes several dance houses, workshops for music and dance and possibilities to make walkingtrips to Bonchida and trips in and around Sic/Szék led by a guide. Our Bed & Breakfast is working very closely with the Csipkeszeg Foundation. On request we organize cultural activities. We offer guided tours along the dance halls and tell you the history of the dance houses of Sic/Szek while sipping a glass of home-distilled pálinka. After a good traditional meal starts a cultural evening with a folk dance demonstration and a dance workshop with dances of Sic/Szék. We end the evening with a traditional`Táncház`. (Hungarian dance house).

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